Syracuse Jute Floor Rug


The Syracuse rug is hand woven from natural Jute rug and has a mirrored stripe pattern.

This rug is made from 100% Jute, making it hard wearing and durable, suitable for general living areas.

Colour: Natural

The Syracuse rug measures 2m x 3m.

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The Syracuse Rug features a mirrored stripe pattern with contrasting threads, which creates a relaxed, coastal space.

Syracuse Natural is a stripe rug that carries the vibrant gold of wheat. Contrast this with black and white stripes, this natural jute, flat weave floor rug, offers a beautiful aesthetic.

This rug is hand woven from 100% Jute, and features a full cotton backing and edging for improved longevity and wear. Syracuses weave creates a hard-wearing and durable rug that is suitable for use in any area of the home.

The Syracuse rug measures 2m x 3m.


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