Catania Wool & Jute Rug 3m x 4mCatania Wool & Jute Rug 3m x 4m

Catania Wool & Jute Floor Rug


This Handwoven Catania rug features a natural look chevron pattern which is durable and hard wearing.

Made of 50% wool and 50% jute.

Measures: 2m x 3m

Colour:  Natural


The Catania floor rug is a tightly handwoven traditional flatweave rug. The distinctive chevron pattern is created with contrasting wool and jute threads Рits natural look is perfect for the relaxed living style of contemporary  homes.

The handwoven Catania floor rug consists of 50% Wool and 50% Jute and features a full cotton backing and edging for improved longevity and wear.

Ethically handmade in partnership with Care and Fair.


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