Privacy Policy

Purpose and Policy

This policy outlines:

What personal information we collect and how it is collected during the course of running our business; 

What we do with any personal information received; 

How we ensure that this information is treated in accordance with requirements of the Privacy Act. 


Information Collected

At all times there is no obligation for our customers to provide us  with personal information – unless it is a necessary requirement to  fulfil an order or to provide another customer service function.
Customer delivery and contact details are stored and purchase  history details may also be collected. 

Use of Information Collected

All information River Nile Linens collects through the course of normal business dealings remains confidential.

River Nile Linens does not disclose personal information to any other organisations – unless the owner of that information has given their consent.

We only use the information for processing orders or for internal marketing purposes which may include:

fulfilment of orders, statistical analysis of customer shopping habits, interests and preferences, analysis of relevance of our special offers and promotions and sending information about these promoations and products including sending information by email providing the customers consent has been given for this service.


Security of Information Collected

River Nile Linens takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that any personal information received is kept confidential. 

For despatch and delivery of orders placed visa our website, it is necessary to disclose some personal information to third parties suchas delivery contractors, couriers and freight forwarders for despatching of orders. 

No personal information will be disclosed to any other third party without your consent. Any personal information held on the River Nile Linens computer network has stringent security measures to protect it from unathorised third party access and there are levels of security in place to ensure information of a sensitive nature is only accessible by authorised staff members, and si only used for the purpose for interacting between yourself and our website to make your purchases.

Your information is stored only to allow you to access our site again without re-entering your full details again. 

No passwords are kept or are reassigned if forgotten or lost, in thesecases you will have to re-enter your details when purchasing again. 

We are committed to this policy and fully support all legislation that protects personal information.

Website and E-mail

The River Nile Linens website uses ‘cookies’ which are small amounts of information stored on the user’s computer by our web site server.

These ‘cookies’ identify the user’s browser but they do not identify  the user personally and no sensitive information is stored within the River Nile Linens website ‘cookies’. While ‘cookies’ can be disabled by the user by going to the prefereneces or option menus in their browser, we recommend that you don’t disable ‘cookie’ to support use of our website.

Our websites use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, with credit card details and other information scrambled (encrypted) to minimise possible misuse by third parties. A padlock/key is displayedon the screen when in secure mode.


Changes to Policy

It may be necessary for us to make alterations to this policy from  time to time to address any changes in legislation and to continue toresponsibly manage and protect personal information.



We welcome feedback on this policy – or on any matters relating to River Nile Linens.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please contactus at any time by sending email to [email protected]