The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Cotton Bath Towels For Your Home

Bath towels are an essential part of any home, and bamboo or cotton bath towels are some of the most lavish kinds of towels on the market. But with so many different options to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. 

The right bath towels can really make all the difference in your bathroom. They’ll help you finish a heavenly shower with the perfect, lush fluffiness of a high-quality towel. Additionally, visually appealing towels can add some delightful decor to your bathroom when they’re not in use. 

What To Think About When Selecting Your Luxurious New Cotton Towels

It would be best if you didn’t choose your new towels purely based on one or two factors, such as price or colour. Instead, keep all of these qualities in mind as you look for the very best cotton bath towels for your New Zealand home:

Material Blend. The materials of your lovely new towels will significantly contribute to their softness, durability and usefulness. Cotton is a very popular choice due to its natural softness and the fact that cotton is a renewable resource. 

For example, our beautiful Bahama Peshtemals are made from 100% OEKO-TEX® Certified long-staple Turkish cotton. This high-quality cotton is known for being durable, super-absorbent and extremely soft. 

Another popular material for bath towels is bamboo. Bamboo towels are soft, absorbent and very durable. Bamboo is also a fast-growing natural resource, so you can happily wrap yourself up in luxury with your new bamboo towel while knowing you’re using a product made from sustainable materials.

When made with a blend of both cotton and bamboo, you have the very best gorgeous cotton bath towels available.

Colour. Of course, the colour of your towels isn’t going to affect their durability or their softness, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. You should search for towels with colours and patterns that match the interior decor of your bathroom and your personal style.

If your bathroom has a neutral colour palette, then you can choose any colour bath towel you please. But if your bathroom uses specific colours, you should select towels with a colour that complements your bathroom’s colour palette. 

Size. Cotton bath towels come in a wide variety of sizes, from rather small hand towels to large bath sheets. The size you need will depend on your personal preferences and what you will be using the towels for. 

You could also select a bundle of towels to get a bit of everything to enhance your bathroom and your home. For instance, our Bamboo Luxury Towel Gift Bundle comes with two bath towels, one bath mat, one hand towel and two face clothes. This sumptuous bundle is perfect for individuals who really want to enjoy spa-esque luxury in their own homes. 

Additionally, this gift bundle comes in an impressive range of beautiful colours, so you can choose one that fits your tastes perfectly. 

Weight. A bath towel’s weight is measured in grams per square metre or GSM. A higher GSM means a thicker, more absorbent towel. However, it also means a heavier towel. A smaller GSM means a lighter, airier towel.

Lower GSM towels often have a GSM of around 300-400 or less, whereas higher GSM towels often have a GSM of 450-600 and above. The GSM you should purchase entirely depends on what you want the towel for and what you personally like. 

Thinner towels with a smaller GSM are great for beach trips. But thicker towels are usually better options for bathrooms. For cotton bath towels, the higher the GSM, the more soft and absorbent your towel will be. 

For instance, look at our lovely Bamboo Hamam Wraps. These gorgeous towels are light and perfect for laid-back summer activities. 

On the other hand, we have our Bergama Towels. These thick, sumptuous towels have a GSM of 650, meaning they’re quite high in the GSM range. They’re thick, extremely plush towels that are absolutely perfect for bathrooms.

Seller. It’s important to purchase your cotton bath towels, or any product, from a reliable seller that you can trust. You can look at their other products or read about them to learn where they source their products and what their company is all about. 

Furthermore, if you’re shopping online, then you can look at their terms and conditions or other information to learn how they operate. 

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