Stay Warm And Cozy With A Waffle Blanket: A Guide To Choosing The Best Option For You

Waffle blankets are a good choice for people who want to stay warm, cosy and wrapped up in luxury. These wonderfully comfortable blankets have been rising in popularity due to their unique properties and lovely appearance.

If you value quality and comfort, then you may be interested in getting one of these elegant blankets for yourself. However, not all blankets are the same, and you only want the best of the best. 

How can you select the perfect blanket for your New Zealand home? Read on to learn more about what these blankets are, why you should consider one and how you should shop for one in Aotearoa. 

What Is A Waffle Blanket?

This is a type of blanket that is made with a delightful waffle-like pattern. The pattern isn’t just for aesthetics, either – it’s a clever design choice that allows the blanket to stay light and comfortable while staying warm. 

The waffle-esque pattern is created by weaving the cotton fabric to create small, square pockets, similar to a waffle. These clever pockets make the blanket very warm because they trap heat.

The luxurious blankets we offer at River Nile Linens are 100% cotton. They can come with matching waffle pillowcases of any design and size including Oxford pillowcases. This waffle blanket’s pure, serene white makes it the perfect fit for any bed in New Zealand. 

These blankets are extra warm and cosy due to their innovative design. In addition to being great for warmth, they’re also:

  • Extremely Comfortable. The weave pattern on these blankets gives them an interesting texture that people adore. They’re soft and nice to touch and can improve your quality of sleep by making you feel calm.
  • Very Durable. These blankets are a fantastic investment because they’re very durable. They won’t be in tatters after a month or two, and they stay soft and lovely after being washed time and time again. This is one reason why it’s a smart idea to purchase a high-quality blanket because then you’ll be able to enjoy luxury for a long time.
  • Light And Breathable. Waffle blankets are surprisingly light for being so warm and comfortable. Their design allows air to circulate, ensuring you stay happy during the night without feeling too confined.

What Should I Think About When Selecting My Own Luxurious New Blanket?

If you want to make the right choice for your home, you should keep these things in mind as you shop for your lavish new blanket:

Size. Like with any other kind of bedding, always be sure you know your bed’s size before you purchase any blankets, duvets, linens or sheets. Always read the sizes listed on the blanket you are looking at before you purchase it so you know that it will fit your bed. 

Material. These wondrous blankets can be made from a variety of materials, from synthetic to elegant organic materials like cotton. The material that your blanket is made of will strongly contribute to how comfortable it is. 

So, be sure you know the material or material blend the blanket you are looking at is made of. 

At River Nile Linens, our amazing waffle blanket is 100% cotton. This high-quality cotton contributes to its softness, its warmth and its sumptuous appearance. We’re thrilled to provide Kiwis with outstanding NZ-made bedding that you will absolutely love.

Colours. When choosing your new bedding, what colour or pattern it has will undoubtedly be on your mind. Our blanket is a classic white that goes perfectly with any space. You can pair it with other pieces of bedding or cushions that come in different colours to accent the angelic white of this blanket.

The waffle texturing on this type of blanket means that it doesn’t need much help to make it look opulent. Its splendid texture feels and looks amazing.  

Additional Goods. Would you like anything else to go with your new lush waffle blanket? One of these blankets on its own can spruce up any room, but adding more luxurious bedding can make your sleeping experience even better. 

Our blanket comes with pillowcases, but you can also purchase a pair of these pillowcases on their own. Cushion inners or soft new linen sheets can improve your sleeping quality like never before, transforming your bed into your own piece of heaven.

Where Can I Go To Make My Bedroom More Elegant, Lavish And Comfortable?

If you truly want to enhance your bedroom and your home, you can visit our store at River Nile Linens to find luxurious bedding and opulent products. We specialise in providing quality, NZ-made products made from incredible materials and outstanding designs. 

If you have any questions for us about our services, products or policies, you can reach us on 09 422 9286. We’d be glad to do anything we can to improve your experience shopping with us. 

Experience comfort, warmth and luxury with a River Nile Linens waffle blanket.