Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Sheets In NZ: A Guide To Finding Your Dream Bedding

Sleep is extremely crucial to maintaining good health. A sound night’s slumber allows your body and mind to relax, recharge and prepare you mentally and physically for the next day. Did you know that your bedding can positively or negatively affect your sleep quality? So, when you rest your body on unbelievably luxurious NZ made 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, you’ll certainly have quality sleep and lots of rest. 

Before choosing new sheets, you should do your research and look at quality options.After all, this choice will affect your health, and making healthy choices is essential.

Keep reading to learn more about the following:

  • What Is Egyptian Cotton, And Why Exactly Is It So Prized?
  • What You Should Look At When Selecting Your New Sheets.
  • Where You Can Go Right Now To Find Exceptionally Comfortable Sheets In New Zealand. 

Why Egyptian Cotton?

First of all, what exactly is Egyptian cotton? Egyptian cotton is typically produced in Egypt from the lovely Pima Cotton plant on the Nile Delta. It’s actually hand-picked rather than mechanically picked, meaning there’s an extra level of quality control when this cotton is harvested. 

The fibres of Egyptian cotton are longer than standard types of cotton, which means they’re stronger and can be used to create an extremely fine yarn. This yarn is resistant to wear and tear and has the potential to last for a very long time.

Once harvested, the cotton is processed and spun into luxurious yarn. This quality yarn is then used to create amazing cotton products for you to enjoy. 

Egyptian cotton is prized by many as the best cotton in the world due to its durability, softness and exclusive properties that lend well to luxurious bedding. 

Qualities To Look For When Selecting Your Luxurious NZ Made Sheets From 100% Egyptian Cotton

While Egyptian cotton sheets are sure to please even the most discerning customers, it’s important to take into account your bedroom decor and your lifestyle when choosing bedding.

So, consider the following when you shop:

Size. At River Nile Linens every NZ made sheet set is manufactured to include shrinkage to ensure a snug correct fit after the third wash. Your sheets should be in the same size category as your mattress. To guarantee a perfectly fitting sheet set, make sure to contact River Nile Linens for a custom-made solution. 

Colours And Designs. The lovely NZ made Egyptian cotton sheets we have at River Nile Linens come in a range of designs and sizes. If you look through our luxury cotton sheet sets, you’ll see sumptuous sheet sets beautifully embroidered with different designs.

Here, you can select a sheet set with elegant embroidery that suits your interests. You can choose delightful hearts, charming dragonflies, vibrant leaves and more. 

These sheets are embroidered in a way that is simple yet so divine. The charming designs don’t overwhelm the sheets and let the exceptional Egyptian cotton speak for itself. 

Weave Pattern. The weave pattern of your sheets matters, just like the material matters. The NZ made Egyptian cotton sheets we have at River Nile Linens use a sateen weave. This is a weave pattern that uses the ‘one yarn under and three or four yarn over’ pattern, which gives it a heavier feeling when compared to many other weave pattern types. 

This weightiness gives the sheets a more luxurious feel, while the Egyptian Cotton is also soft and breathable ensuring a blissful comfortable experience. 

Thread Count. It’s important that you pay attention to thread count when purchasing luxury bedding. Sheets with higher thread counts tend to be softer to handle and touch. Additionally, sheets with higher thread counts typically last much longer than sheets with low thread counts, and the fabric tends to get softer and more comfortable over time.

Where You Can Purchase High-Quality NZ Egyptian Cotton Sheets Today In New Zealand

See our selection of luxury sheets at River Nile Linens. We’re delighted to use only the finest Egyptian cotton available to us in our exceptional bedding. 

If you have any questions regarding our bedding or other products, or if you would like some assistance selecting the correct sheets, please don’t hesitate to call us at 09 422 9286 or email [email protected]

Enjoy luxury, enjoy life – shop at River Nile Linens.